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About MLOC Group

Welcome to the Million Lines of Code Group (MLOC).
We are a community of IT practitioners and leaders who work on some of the largest application projects in the world.

Our Community

The challenges that come with managing MLOC projects are unique, and this community is designed for our members to learn from each other, share best practices, discuss successes and failures, and to make new local and virtual peer connections.

Our Events

Joining MLOC will add you to our web and live events invitation list. In the coming months, we will be launching a community forum for all members to continue conversations between events as well. All events are designed to be casual, interactive and informative. The topics we cover focus on all challenges related to MLOC (development, deployment, operations and business).

Our presenters and panelists are all community members, and we do not allow sales pitches. All members are encouraged to come ready to join in on the conversation.

Our Members

MLOC members come from a variety of verticals (retail, finance, gaming, manufacturing, and more), and they are passionate about sharpening their skills and sharing their experiences with others.


MLOC events are designed for IT practitioners and IT leaders. Everyone else may only participate as sponsors. Registration for all events is free.

  • 01.12.22 Webinar

    With Matt Hargett @ ROBLOX

  • 02.10.22 Webinar

    With Nicolas Chaillan, fmr CSO @ DoD

  • 03.23.22 San Francisco

    MLOC Party at GDC!



Joining MLOC is free and private.
Your information is only used to provide you with information regarding MLOC including events, speaking opportunities, member exclusives and general communications.

Your data will never be used for any other purpose or shared with any sponsors or third parties. Location information is used to determine where we will host our in-person events.


MLOC Group members contribute all of the content at our web and live events. If you have an experience, best practice, story or other insight you can share with the group, we would love to hear from you!

Please contact us, and we will be in touch to coordinate.

Remember, no sales pitches or product demos.

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